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The Intelligence party and The Patriot Party that started in the 1830’s and would become Norway’s two first parliamentary parties, Høyre and Venstre. These parties still exist.

2 poets started the 2 first political parties.

Two poets are behind these two parties. Intelligenspartiet was run by Johan Sebastian Welhaven and Patriotene was run by Henrik Wergeland.

Norway held a referendum in 1905 to decide whether or not to separate from Sweden. Only men had the right to vote and about 300 000 men voted, women did participate, but without the right to vote. They collected a quarter of a million signatures.

1/4 million illegal votes

Although those votes were not counted in the referendum, it was central in women securing the right to vote a few years later.

You can vote legally even when you don’t have the right to vote. Today, we don’t need signatures, the system is digital.

Election laws say that it is not the people at the polling stations that decide if you have the right to vote or not, the election board decides that. This means that your vote will be registered regardless of your voting rights status and your name is put in to the system, thereby creating a digital trace of your participation and the creation of statistics that can be extracted.