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The Intelligence Party is going to change the constitution in Europe. 

  • Non-EU citizens who are counted in the division of political mandates, should vote, even without the right to vote.
  • Non-EU members states who follow EU laws, should vote, even without the right to vote.
  • 16 and 17 year-olds, should vote, even without the right to vote

In the 1980’s, scholars on democracy declared that the struggle for suffrage was over, but this is a new time. It’s a new era with new challenges – demographic challenges that we have to solve within the tradition that gave us all voting rights at some time or another.

Voting rights have changed many times. It has taken centuries of adjustments and improvements to get the democracy we have today. This is a proud tradition, one that can only be protected by constantly moving forward. It’s time to make new adjustments. Europe is changing. The system needs to change in order to properly represent society as whole – as it has been done many times before – by expanding who has the right to vote.

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Vote without the right to vote

Non-citizens are counted when dividing mandates among member states in Europe. 

Voting rights have changed many times in Europe. Most times this has meant expanding the scope of democracy. But Europe is heading in another direction; the rights of immigrants are being limited based on the idea that the European cultures are being replaced. Is that true? Some say it is, some say it isn’t. But both sides are missing one important thing – proof.